Pahiyas Festival Tour Part II- The Celebration

After our side trip to Kamay ni Hesus Shrine, we rode tricycle going to the town proper where the festival is being held.

We paid ₱50.00 then manong dropped us in  Southern Luzon State University (SLSU). This is the starting point of the walkathon  because any PUVs can’t go any further.



Our first destination was to find the Kofee Klatch restaurant where we’ll be having our lunch Buffet. While walking you’ll see vendors selling grilled Longganisa and Lucban’s famous pancit Habhab. Other products they sell are honey, corn, turmeric tea, weaved baskets, carved displays, bags and other delicacies you can buy as pasalubong.







dsc_0236    dsc_0089

I was amazed by how grand  the restaurant was. The ballroom space on the 2nd floor was designed with colorful art. Folk  Music adds to the good vibe too. Immediately we reserved a table then fall in line to the food area.



Our lunch include Pancit, Caldereta, Hardinera(On of Lucban’s famous dishes). Longganisa and Rice. We took our time eating because we know for sure that there will be more strolling to do.  After lunch and some photo op, we now head to the town Center.



First Buddy’s Restaurant.





Placed in the center of the town, Lucban Church or San Luis Obispo de Tolosa Parish Church was a baroque designed octagonal Church and was established in the year 1629. Although it surpassed multiple ruins, the church still stands until today, 




The Pahiyas Festival begins with a Mass in the church around 6:00AM but since we weren’t able to attend the mass, we opt to visit and pray. Here’s  where the afternoon grand parade will commence.

dsc_0148    dsc_0152




Not far from Lucban Church are the colorful houses you must visit. The House Design Contest is one of the main activities during the Pahiyas Festival. Here, houses in every street are decorated will coloful paper mache, rice wafer(kiping), and vegetables and fruit the definitely exhibit good Harvest.
dsc_0158    dsc_0208 dsc_0183



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I really enjoyed this part however, after 2 hours of roaming around, my back started to hurt (scoliosis problem) and thus I had to rest for a moment.  ( Sucks to be me)

Lambanog ( Filipino Wine)


Unfortunately because of my condition, we decided not to stay any longer and return to our bus. It was almost start of the Grand Parade so we head back to the Church to probably witness it beforehand.

When we arrived in the church, they are now preparing for the parade and luckily we already saw the participants of the Costume design Contest beforehand.



The intricacies and color of each dress are amazing. You can see the raw materials they used and how well they incorporate it in each dresses.

dsc_0240  dsc_0241  dsc_0281   dsc_0280

dsc_0284 dsc_0259 dsc_0263  dsc_0252

dsc_0254   dsc_0248dsc_0251    dsc_0243



Upon returning, we made few stops buying pasalubong and souvenirs for our friends and relatives. I was hoping to buy a Yema Cake too which is known in Lucban but it was sold out.







Although I’m quite disappointed that my family weren’t able to to  witness the whole grand parade (partly because of me)  it’s still okay that  we didn’t had hard time going back to Kamay Ni Jesus Shrine.



We left lucban by 7:30 PM due to  COD guests and because of that we were caught in traffic. We even had commotion when one of the tour bus broke down and the organizers didn’t know what to do that’s why we wasted few hours on the road. Most of the guests are pissed because they have work the next day.

With a series of unfortunate events, I still considered this tour fun and success. We came home same and my mother had a blast. For us, every experience we had are worth it.

If given the chance, I’ll definitely come back to Lucban again.



Day Tour( Regular Price): ₱1500.00 

Fair(taxi/Tricycle): ₱200.00

TOTAL: ₱1700.00

***Pasalubong/souvenir not included.



Pahiyas Festival Tour Part I ( Kamay Ni Hesus Shrine)

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