January 2016 Travel: Highlights of my Cebu – Bohol Trip

Since the 3rd quarter of 2015, I’ve been planning to travel every month in 2016. So to start off, my first travel destinations this year are the beautiful islands of Cebu and Bohol in the Visayas region of the Philippines.

Together with my college friends we spent 5 Days touring Cebu and Bohol. As a first timer, I ensure this trip will be full of new experiences. So here are highlights of our recent travel.



Be served with these nice Cebuanos with their grilled sea foods and barbecues at LARSIAN, Cebu.




Visited the famous Basilica Del Sto Nino




Visited the Historical Magellan’s Cross. The Christian’s Cross Planted by Ferdinand Magellan which symbolizes that Christianity has arrived in the Philippines.



Met a good friend and lunched at Casa Verde, A must visit restaurant in Cebu famous for their Baby Back Ribs and steaks.




Dive with the Butanding ( Whale Shark) in Oslob, Cebu.



Rode a Habal Habal and trek a steep road going to the beautiful Tumalog Falls, in Oslob Cebu


No helmets? Great!






Visited the mystical Hinagdanan Cave




Another historical site, The Blood Compact  Shrine ( Sandugo) of Rajah Sikatuna and the Explorer Miguel Lopez De Legaspi


Went to another famous and one of the oldest church in Bohol, The Baclayon Church. But due to the recent earthquake, the church was deeply damage and currently under renovation.




Went to the Man Made Mahogany Forest.  A 2 Km stretched forest and the trees were planted 50 years Ago.


Though, I wasn’t able to capture a great shot due to the bad weather when we went to this place, I will still include this as one of the highlights of my trip because if you’re in Bohol, this is the place you shouldn’t miss, the Chocolate Hills.  A geological formation of more than a thousand Hills stretching around 50 sq km area.




Say Hi, to one of the endangered wide eyed yet very tiny animal and can only be found in Bohol, the Tarsier.



Hi there buddy! 🙂


Stuffed ourselves with a buffet lunch while cruising the Loboc River and being entertained by the locals. Must try!





Early morning Dolphin Viewing and Snorkeling




Bucket list checked: First time to see a sandbar at the Virgin Islands!



Oh what a beautiful landscape.




5 Days is surely not enough to visit all the tourist destinations in both island so definitely I’ll comeback again.


Check out the links below for the detailed Itinerary of this trip. Thanks



January 2016 Travel: Highlights of my Cebu – Bohol Trip

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***Feel free to post your comments  and inquiries below as I’m happy to help!

***credits to james and gelo for some shots. 🙂



















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Hi tyra, we rented a Van to go to different place in Bohol. Its more convenient but commuting is okay as well because the fare is cheaper. Ride a Jeep from point to point. Taxis are everywhere too.

Ill try malapascua next time. Ive heard about the beautiful beaches and diving spots too. Thanks for the suggestion!

Faith, food, falls, and swimming with the whale shark are surely what draw visitors to Cebu.

If you love snorkeling, hiking, free diving, swimming with thousands of sardines and island hopping, stay longer than a week in Cebu.

Malapascua, Moalboal, Badian, and Poog are other fun destinations, too!

hi, Irene. We stayed here: Honey hunt Pension House. The place is clean and very cheap as well. =)

Thanks for following my blog. I enjoyed reading this post about Cebu and Bohol, having known nothing about them before. Especially liked the photos of the Chocolate Hills and the gorgeous little Tarsier. Cheers, Coral.

Great shot of the whale shark. We did ours at Okinawa and it was fabulous.
Keep traveling, it opens minds! Come back to see our posts too. We will be putting up the journalogs of the past years and hope it can help you decide which journeys to take.

Your photos have me salivating for travel. So vivid!! And the tarsier–total heart meltage. You’re very blessed to be able to set up travel plans and just go! Thanks for sharing 🙂

Yes the people are really friendly, that is one of the reason I wanted to comeback. It’s safer in these places rather than in Manila if you’ve been there. Come visit us 🙂

Great post. I’ve always wondered what it was like in Cebu and some of the other islands. The people look really friendly. Did you think it was safe there?

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