Travel Guide: 5 Days Cebu-Bohol Itinerary: Day 1- Arrival/Larsian

Last January 30, my college friends and I did our traditional out of town trip. This year our destinations are Cebu and Bohol.

We met in NAIA around 2:00PM for our 4:45 PM flight via Cebu Pacific. Our ticket costs only ₱1227.00  and was bought  during the Piso Fare promo last May 2015

We assumed that our flight will be delayed so we decided to have a snack while waiting. The food was sponsored by Gelo because…he’s just too nice. Thanks Gelo 🙂




We proceed to the boarding gate around 4:30 PM then suddenly we heard our names being called.



We immediately rushed to the gate and gave our tickets while cackling. Haha! It was all our first time to be called out.The hilarious moment subsided when we’re inside the plane because everyone are already seated and looking at us because we’re the CODs.

***Walk of shame***

I’m planning to sleep while in transit but I wasn’t able to because of what happened. It really set the mood for our travel and thus we are ready for more unfortunate funny events that may occur.



We arrived in Mactan- Cebu International Airport around 6:00 PM. Here, we meet Mich and Joms who arrived an hour earlier.


I must say, Mactan Airport is quite larger compared to other local airports I’ve been to and It looks better and cleaner than NAIA. 🙂  Another thing that impressed me upon arrival in Cebu is their Taxi system. It’s very organized. We were also told that taxi drivers here are very disciplined and nicer compared to those in Manila and It is true. 

Jan 30th was also the International  Eucharistic Congress. Another big celebration held in Cebu apart from the Sinulog Festival. It took us an hour and a half in taxi because of road closures and processions happen in every corner. It’s fine because the driver is very patient and we are just being entertained by what we see around and the fireworks display.


We stayed in Honey hunt Pension House,a korean inspired inn. For 3 days it costs only  ₱850.00 each ( Double Bed Room + free breakfast). Very cheap right? 🙂




8:00 PM, we went out to have a dinner. Our target was either Zubuchon or CNT lechon.

Btw, if you’re in Cebu, the most recommended food to eat is their LECHON. Zubuchon, and CNT are the top 2 preferred restaurants to go to.  

Based from our location, the nearest  is the CNT so that’s our target. Then a series of another unfortunate events happened again. 🙂

Due to traffic, it was difficult for us to get a taxi. We hailed multiple times then got one taxi after 30 mins. For our group, another 30 mins passed by but no taxi is available.  the 4 of us just decided to eat anywhere near our inn because we’re famished. Then James suggested we hail another cab one last try, maybe we’ll get one… and we did! O_O


While in transit, the first group told us that CNT is closed. 🙁 Good thing, base from my research, there’s another place that is a must visit for food tripping, the LARSIAN. We asked our driver if its still open and he said yes. Whew!



located in Fuenta Osmena. Is a food area with multiple stalls selling barbeques(pork,chicken, hotdogs) chorizo(longganiza) and seafoods to be grilled. The place is very ideal for big groups, after party and midnight food trips. The vendors are very enthusiastic in promoting their foods. Some offers free drinks and some will give additional barbeques if you’ll buy to them.  


your food selection




the grilling station




While waiting for your food, they’ll first serve PUSO, its a triangular shaped rice wrapped in a woven coconut leaves.  They also call it hanging rice because you’ll see it being hanged most of the time. The price range is ₱3.00 –₱5.00.   



Picture taking while waiting for the food.



I wasn’t able to have a decent shot of our order because we ate it right away once served.



The aftermath:


no leftovers!


This boy asked nicely  for our softdrink so I gave him a cup then took his picture. 🙂



Our dinner was great. The BBQs tasted just the usual though I enjoy the chorizo and the puso because it’s my first time to eat them.  Moreover, the dinner was sponsored by Paul  so its free. 🙂

We went home right after  because we’re so tired and since they needed to sleep early for their Canyoneering activity.  I wasn’t able to join them because I have other agenda the next day.



Roundtip Airplane Tickets(Cebu Pacific): ₱1227.00

Lodging for 3-days (Honey Hunt Pension): ₱850.00

Transportation ( Personal taxi contribution) : ₱80.00

TOTAL: ₱2177.00


***dinner is free but  ₱30.00-₱50.00 is enough for a good meal in Larsian because the foods are really cheap. 



***credits for james and gelo for some shots.

***Feel free to comment below. Thanks



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Jen, can you give me a quote for 5days 4 nights cebu bohol package..This is for marxh this year..thanks

We’ve been here! It was really fun because the vendors are really calling you out pst pst like you’re having the “feeling artista moment” hehe lots of bbq stalls to choose from. nice post! 🙂

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