Travel Guide: 5 Days Cebu-Bohol Itinerary: Day 2- Cebu City Tour

Day 2: My friends left around 4:00 AM going to Badian, Cebu for the Canyoneering. Their travel will took 2- 3 hours so they have to be early in order to complete the activity and come back before rush hour. I know I’ll return to Cebu so its okay if I do the canyoneering some other time.

I woke up around 9:00 AM and had my free breakfast. 🙂 I’ll be meeting my childhood friend working in Cebu and he’ll tour me around the city.

My first destination is the famous Basilica Del Sto Nino Church.

I was advised that the church is a walking distance from our inn but I chose to ride a jeepney. The fare cost ₱7.00 and you’ll only need to walk 2 minutes from the main road to the church.



Also known as Sto Nino Basilica, is the oldest Catholic Church in the Philippines founded in 1565 by father Andres de Urdaneta. 




The Church Facade


My friend arrived after few minutes . At last I have company now! 🙂


He led me to Magellan’s Cross which is just beside the Basilica.



It is a famous historical landmark in Cebu. A cross that symbolizes the arrival of Christianity in the Philippines that is brought by Ferdinand Magellan. 



Right in time for lunch, we ate at Casa Verde (American style Restaurant).


MUST TRY: Steaks and Ribs

We went to the first  even restaurant of Casa Verde. But an already grown food franchise can also be seen in Ayala Techno hub in Cebu, UP Town in Diliman and also in Megamall in Manila. Casa Verde is famous for their steaks and Ribs dishes.

I enjoyed our orders. All are in large servings and one meal is enough for two. Both ribs and steaks are cooked tender and flavorful.  The Therese Pieces  Chicken Strips is just an appetizer but I consider it a main dish, it cost only ₱178.00  Meanwhile the John Jay’s Steak and Pasta ₱268.00 and the Brian’s RIb is ₱250.00 only.



Therese Pieces



Brian’s RIb



John Jay’s Steak and Pasta


After our heavy lunch, we went to SM Cebu. Here, I bought few pasalubong such as Dried Mangoes, Danggit and T-shirts for my family.

There are a lot of shops to buy pasalubong in Cebu but since I’m already in SM and have time to spend, I bought items here. The prices here are no difference if you buy outside plus you’re sure with the quality of your purchase.

We continued our bonding in a coffee shop then left around 7:00 PM so that I could still have dinner with my friends coming from Badian.  Hoping that we’ll eat Lechon this time.

But Once again, the Lechon Dinner didn’t happen 🙁 My friends left Badian early but ended being stucked in traffic. They arrived in the city around 9:00 PM.

Tired from their activity we just decided to move the plan the next day, right after our Oslob Adventure. Good thing I’m still full from the lunch I had so we all went straight to sleep.





Lunch at Casa Verde (good for 2-3 PAX): ₱700

Transportation ( Taxi and Jeepney) :₱100.00

TOTAL: ₱800.00 


***Pasalubong  depends on you, mine cost around ₱500 (dried Mangoes, Danngit, T-shirts and Magnets) 

***Feel free to comment below. Thanks




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