Travel Guide: 5 Days Cebu-Bohol Itinerary: Day 3- Oslob

Our destination for our 3rd day was Oslob Cebu. This time I’m now joining my friends. 🙂

Around 4:00 AM when we all woke up. Without any breakfast, we head to the bus station to catch an early trip to Oslob. Similiar to Badian, it will be a 3-4hrs travel.

TIP:  We were informed that if you want to a combination of Oslob and Badian Adventure if you go to Cebu, might as well stay in either place rather than staying in the City. Why? because both are in the southern part of Cebu and it will only take 1 hour in between.  You’ll save an amount of time of coming back to the city unlike what we did. 

The fare to Oslob cost only ₱160.00. You’ll never get lost in the terminal because many folks will guide you.

We had a great nap while in transit. We arrived in MB’s Sunrise View Resort, one of the resorts that offer packages for Oslob Adventure. I was surprised that there are a lot of foreigners on tour  and I’m delighted that Oslob is very famous.


These are the activities you can do in Oslob:

  1. Whale Shark Watching ( Butanding)
  2. Sumilon Island trip
  3. Tumalog Falls

We chose 1 and 3 only because we thought that if we had Sumilon then we will not be able to return to the city before rush hour.  The Whale shark viewing is ₱500 for Filipinos and  ₱1500 for foreigners. Yay! The package is inclusive of the transportation,life vest, swimming gears and a rented underwater camera all for ₱800 each.

You don’t need to worry about your things because they provide lockers for you to keep your things.



We didn’t waste any time, as we prep right away and then went to the diving site.


In the beach, I was shocked by the number of tourist in the area. Jumpack! But before you dive with the Butanding, you must first attend the orientation to know what must be done and avoid during the 15 mins dive. An example is that, you shouldn’t put sunblock because it”s bad for the whale shark. 🙂



I thought that we’ll be going to the middle of the ocean but no. A few meters from the shore when the boat stopped and the guide told us to wait for the right time to get off.


There’s one dedicated bangkero that feeds the Butanding so that it will stay in one place while other boats with tourists surround it.

Personally, I was scared for the Whale shark. Because it seems that it was being mobbed by tourists. To think, only 1 or 2 Butanding against 50+ tourists around in 5-10 boats. I actually don’t want to dive but I was convinced because, yes I paid for the experience and you can only observe the Butanding if you dive.

Some of my friends selfies: 




After few minutes, I dived but my face got irritated because of the saltwater. O_O There’s no going back so I stayed until I got a decent picture with it.   Aside from the picture, it feels amazing to observe a wild shark in its natural area. Another first time! 🙂

Here’s mine: 



According to the facilitators, it still safe for the whale shark having tourists around but I hope they will minimize the number of visitors to protect it.



Although I enjoyed the experience, I’m pretty sure that I will never do it again.

At the shore, you can wash off and then return your rented vest.




And then we went back to the resort because our ride going to falls awaits.


HABAL-HABAL. A motorcycle ride that can accompany 2-3 people. What’s cool in this ride?

NO HELMET! haha!



It was a 5-10 mins ride but they will not drop you straight off to the falls. We were instructed to hike downhill. And it was the steepest walk/hike I’ve ever done. 🙂




We enjoyed our 10 mins walk and all the leg pain was alleviated when we reach the falls.

MUST VISIT! Tumalog Falls



The falls is magnificent and luckily we got there with few tourists. I bet most of them went to Sumilon Island first. The cold refreshing water relieves the irritation on my face. Thank God!



We stayed there for 30 mins because we really had fun swimming and taking pictures.

12783824_10208147752708617_3476724283894268981_o (1)


***You can stay as long as you want, the guides are willing to wait. 

We head back to the resort to clean up before having lunch.


Shower Area


We found a buffet restaurant for our lunch. For  ₱150- ₱350 it was definitely worth it.


12823390_10208147764108902_6364978072352861170_o (1)

12695056_1082737751746497_8779361943336148919_o (1)




Fresh Pineapple-Orange Juice!


Kinilaw na Tuna

Around 2:00 PM we waited for a bus going back to the city. After 20 mins, still no bus passed by. Fortunately, one driver offered us a ride in his van and we took it for the fare same with bus.


While waiting for Bus

We arrived in the city around 5:00 PM just in time for our much awaited Lechon dinner. We went first to SM to let my friends buy pasalubong and then we head to CNT restaurant.






For our 3rd attempt we still didn’t get it. 🙁 We inquired if we can pre-order as pasalubong and they said it’s possible. After ordering we went back to SM City to have dinner.


Price List


Regardless that we didn’t ate Lechon, I still consider this day an epic one because of our adventures. 🙂



Bus Fees (Roundtrip): ₱320.00

Oslob Package : ₱800.00

Buffet Lunch/Dinner :₱400.00

TOTAL: ₱1,520.00 



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Thanks so much for sharing the itinerary. I am thinking of a 7-day trip to the Philippines from Vietnam, but wondering between El Nido or Oslob with Sumilon. Reading your post makes me know what I like most! Keep up with your good work!

Hi, Mona. It depends on the resort pero what I know is it will be around 1000php + if yung 3 pupuntahan nyu. 🙂

Hi! This blog post is so helpful. I just wanna ask if you know how much is the whale shark watching + sumilon island trip + tumalog falls tour package.

Hi jessica 700php daw ung canyooneering.. eto ung contact number : 09158580963 – kuya dolfo

Hello po, I’m impressed with your blog. Anyway can’t open your Day 5 – Virgin Island 🙁 Can I know also, how much po yung Canyoneering po ng friends mo and kung wer po sila nag avail? Thanks.

Glad you decided to follow my blog. For the next couple of weeks all the posts will be about the trip to Ethiopia. I do post about other things as well. When I do travel, I blog to enlighten people about other parts of the world.

Great pictures, specielly of the whale sharks.

“The Whale shark viewing is ₱500 for Filipinos and ₱1500 for foreigners.”

Could you imagine the outcry, if we did that in Denmark 🙂

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