Travel Guide: 5 Days Cebu-Bohol Itinerary: Day 4- Bohol Day Tour

Another early morning trip for us. We woke up around 4:00 AM to catch the earliest ferry trip going to Bohol. This was also Von and Mich departure back to Manila 🙁


We took a cab going to Pier 1 of Cebu Port. Here, you can choose from the following shipping companies : Super Cat, Ocean Jet, Kinswell, Starcraft .They also have different promos you can avail.

We chose Ocean Jet and got a roundtrip fare so that we can discount a ₱100 pesos.  On a regular rate, 1 way from cebu-bohol cost ₱500.00 for aircon seats but if you buy a round trip ticket it will be discounted. You just need to ensure that you’ll catch the trip going back because there is no refund for promo fares.



If you opt for a cheaper option, choose a non aircon seats. Same ferry but located on top open area.


Open Area

With regards to our itinerary to Bohol, we searched for tours online. We preferred this because there are multiple destinations in Bohol and as suggested by other blogs , fixed tours is a better option. We found Whites and Greens Resort. For two days they gave us a quotation of  2 days Country side and Sea Side tours with transportation, free breakfast, and  lodging for only  ₱1,450.00. Good deal!  For this kind of transaction it would help if you book months before  so you’ll get a cheaper rate. They only need half payment to secure reservation.

I recommend Whites and Greens because they’re very accomodating and their service is good! Contact them!

Resort: Jean Suarez 09489749097/ 09089586878

Driver: Kuya Jaycer: 0915-643-3263


Upon arrival in Bohol ferry port, we met our tour guide Kuya Jaycer. Since we didn’t had legit breakfast, we requested first to go to any restaurant. We went to Pamahaw Express a regular tapsilogan.




After the breakfast we begin our tour.

12768222_10208147767148978_6087800316472981625_o (1)

LEts GO!

The first is Hinagdangan Cave.

Note: Initially, this isn’t part of the itinerary but we requested this  in replace of Butterfly Haven. 

Going to cave is easy, just wear a proper shoes because its slippery. Hinagdangan Cave is a naturally lit cave ( through holes in the ceiling) and in the center you’ll see a clear and deep lagoon. Swimming is allowed but with additional fee. The entrance fee here is ₱50.00






Next stop was the Baclayon Church.


La Purisima Concepcion de la Virgen Maria Parish Church or Baclayon Church is the oldest church in Bohol (found 1956). but due to damages caused by Earthquake last 2013, the church is under reconstruction.



You can visit their museum for ₱50.00 but cameras are prohibited.



Next was the Blood Compact.

I thought we’ll do a museum tour but it’s just a shrine. 😐 Anyways, Blood Compact or Sandugo(One Blood)  symbolizes a seal of friendship between Rajah Sikatuna (Chieftain of Bohol) and the Spanish Explorer Miguel Lopez De Legaspi 



Our last stop before having lunch was the Tarsier Conservation Center.


The Tarsier is an endemic small primate not larger than an adults hand. it’s popular because of its wide eye feature.  


We had lunch while cruising the Loboc River. At first our group don’t want to avail the buffet lunch because its expensive  but Kuya Jaycer said its worth it and yeah thank God we change our decision.



The buffet is all Filipino dishes for ₱400.00. More on sea foods such as crabs, fishes, seaweeds, clams, pansit and fresh fruits. While dining, the ferry will traverse the beautiful Loboc river for an hour.  The dining experience was fun. Singers on board will serve you live good music too. Good service!



The cruise changed course once it reached the falls. As we return, the ferry took a stop over and dock where an entertainment awaits. A group of female musicians serenaded us with folk musics. Along side, they invited tourists to join them playing or dance the Tinikling ( A filipino bamboo Dance) I got the chance to play ukelele with them too.



Tinikling Dance


Right after the lunch, we head to Chocolate Hills. 

Chocolate Hills, the most famous destination in Bohol is a geological formation of more than a thousand hills stretching around 50 sq km area.

Going there took an hour so we had a quick nap. On the way you can see already thousands of hills spread around the vast area. Sadly, it rained when we alight at the viewing deck. We didn’t see any view. It was so foggy. 🙁


Then we went to the Man Made Mahogany Forest. The scenic view of hundred of mahogany trees planted since 1950s. Here you can take pictures too. 🙂




Our last stop  before going to the resort in Panglao  was the Souvenir Shop. We went back to the blood compact shrine is. In Bohol, their famous pasalubongs are the Peanut Butter Kisses, cacaos, nuts, ref magnets and shirts.


There are more tourist spots on our list but It’s obvious that one day is not enough for all.  We didn’t get the chance to go to Butterfly Conservation Center, Hanging Bridge, Danao Adventure Park ,etc.  NEXT TIME!

Around 5:00 PM when we arrived in our resort in Panglao Bohol ( Dumulaluan).


Our hut

We dropped our things and head out to explore the beach.





8:00 pm when we had our dinner. We are planning to go Alona beach. According to some, the cheap restaurants are there. But since one of us had fever we decided to stay in the resort.



For the last time, we slept early because our tour will start at 6:00 AM for the dolphin watching.



Ferry Roundtrip: ₱800.00

2 Days Bohol Package( Tours+ Lodging) : ₱1450.00

Loboc Buffet Dinner and Cruise: ₱400.00

Dinner :₱100.00

TOTAL: ₱2,750.00 



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Hello whites and green sobrang mahal n nila ngaun. Cgurado po b kyo n ksama n lahat dun? Ilang group po kyo at kelan po eto.salamat

how many are you in the van? maybe they quoted the whole van to you… sorry to hear that. The entrance fees were not included in our trip. I decided that we will be the one to pay for it.

Great blog Jen.

I asked White and Greens Resort for a quote through their Facebook and they came back with a quote 4x as much as you payed. But also included entrance fees on the tours. Were those fees included on your package?

Hi po… yung quotation namin is for group po eh. Not sure how much pag couple, pede po kayo mg ask or makijoin po kayo sa group.

Hi quick question pls.. ur tour and lodging package is good for 2 days right?only applicable to grup?how bout for couple?

Hello, thank you for deciding to follow my blog. It looks as though you are always on the move, but I hope you sometimes have time to sit down with a good book.

Hi Jenfabian, Great post. I have visited Boho; and spent a couple of hours with the Tarsiers. Fascinating little guys. We stayed at Alona Beach and you are right about the restaurants. At night the beach becomes one enormous food alley. Great food at great prices. Diving was great as well.

Hi, so far sa south palang po ako nakapunta. Sa north, Malapascua and bantayan ung sikat! 🙂

Hi Jen. I like the detail of your posts, like the part about Ocean Jet and the way the pricing works. It would be nice to put : cost p500 (about UD$10 to $11), the explanation would help readers like me who have never travelled anywhere in the east! Keep up the good writing (and pictures)!

Hi Norie, from the resort po siya pero you can text him kasi pede siya personal tour guide 🙂 Kaya po yan lahat 1 day… enjoy po!

Hi Jen your driver Kuya Jaycer from the resort ba siya or can avail of his services as a tour guide for a day wont be staying overnight kasi in bohol I just want to visit Baclayon, Tarsier, Chocolate Hills maybe Loboc tour and the Mahogany Forest. Possible namab diba sa isang araw? Thanks

wow this is great! i plan to visit bohol by end of this month or earlier next month,, na interest kos presyo, barato ra,, hehehe,

don’t wear a lot of jewelries! or I may say just be simple. We are nice friendly people and you can easily get along with us but some may take advantage. I love my country very much and I hope you enjoy here! update me with your stay! 🙂 Have a safe trip and Mabuhay.

Wow! I visited Cebu – Bohol long time ago with my previous office mate, it was a 3days and 2 nights trip, it was fun and definitely I want to try it again, thanks for sharing this

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