Masungi Georeserve Experience With Side Trip to Daranak Falls

The viral blog about this place last 2015 led me to this wonderful place.

Masungi Georeserve is a conservation area within the rain forest of Rizal.   Derived from the word “Masungki” meaning spiked, is an area full of limestone terrain, caves and breathtaking views.

Since January, I tried to get a schedule  for summer  however it’s always fully booked. But since I had travels from Jan to May, this trip was set aside. Until the Last week of May, when I realized I still don’t have plans for June.

Once again, I  checked their site and saw available slots for June weekends. Tagging along my travel buddies, we immediately booked this trip on June 26th.


Starting from April 2016 the entrance fee increased from ₱1000.00 to ₱1400.00 I guess the demand of visitors caused this but I learned they improved their security that’s why.



To reserve your visit you need to go to the site:

Ensure you have 7-14 pax on your group, choose your desired schedule and sandwich for your snack and then the mode of payment ( via BPI or Paypal/Creditcard). That’s it!  You’ll pay only 50% for the reservation.

They immediately confirmed our booking after payment and then they sent the map and other instruction.  BTW, we initially booked only 11 folks but you can add until 14 and the payment will be on the day of your activity.

***as of this writing, you need to settle your balance 4 days before your visit.


As advised you have to wear comfortable hiking attire and non slip closed shoes.


A day before our hike we decided to stay in Sacramento Valley Resort  (Just 30 mins away from Masungi) because our scheduled hike was around 6:00 AM.   For only ₱300.00 each it’s a good deal for a place to sleep.







June 26th:

At 4:00 AM we woke up and had a quick breakfast and then left 5:30 AM.  We arrived at exact 6:00 AM.


A ranger met us in front of Garden Cottages Along Marcos Highway ( white fence)  to confirm our reservation and then he instructed us to go to the main gate/ parking lot (21 KM sign).

Another ranger instructed us to leave our bags and bring only the important things cause they will provide knapsack for the group.


Morning view: 

dsc_0344  dsc_0336  13558953_1172122899474648_8900643553856862633_o   dsc_0346


Before our hike, we attended a short briefing and settled our payment. They gave us helmets, 7 bags and then 2 bottled water each.


Thanks von for the payment! 😀

dsc_0372  p_20160626_063058



I thought it will be a difficult hike. I even exercised beforehand to prep my body. Here, the course has steps or concrete blocks to follow which is very helpful for beginners. And just a few walks after, you’ll encounter the first rope course.

dsc_0383          dsc_0386



After few minutes, we arrived to one of the picturesque spot of the trek,  the SAPOT. 


At first it was a little scary because of the sharp limestones underneath. But of course you want pictures right? So one by one we pose and here’s our shots.


13517566_1172127462807525_6499410650848344648_o        13528610_1172127422807529_1304709254095179440_o




at this point, the view is already spectacular and weren’t even halfway through.



Along the course, you’ll get inside caves too. You need to squeeze in, dock, side steps and the like.




Shot’s while trekking.

dsc_0427        13569025_1172130006140604_4589310806531967855_o

p_20160626_073454   13580399_1172528189434119_6840629455444036363_o      dsc_0442



We hike further and it gets a little bit tiring now. Good thing there are resting areas like the Yungib ni Ruben.  which is one of the cave formations.


13517507_1172525236101081_5918583067814542337_o  p_20160626_074722_bf_p   p_20160626_074634


The next spot was the DITSE,PATAK and DUYAN area.



Air House in the middle of the hanging bridge.



At the end of the bridge was another climb  to the monolith.


And to go to the famous DUYAN, this is what you must go through. Yikes!


Some of us got scared since there are no available harness while going down. Well there’s a ranger at the bottom to assist though.


p_20160626_081612   p_20160626_081407    p_20160626_080859


13558668_1172132499473688_2284190404295178488_o                                                         13558723_1172131989473739_5376317561259072759_o



and here comes the Duyan 🙂



At last! Immediately we did a photo op and thankfully, our guide volunteered to take the photo including me. Beautiful isn’t?

dsc_0485         dsc_0482_1

dsc_0476      dsc_0511


we took our time here just like the group ahead of us. Selfies left and right and relaxation of course. We could have stayed longer but weren’t even halfway yet.


We continued our hike until we reach TATAY  the  highest of the two peak in the area.








At this point you can already see the next destination on the other side.


NANAY is composed of 5 limestone peak.This is my second favorite next to the Duyan.   We spent most of our time here because this is the last peak.


received_10206560095425782    received_10206560093785741

received_10206560093345730    13502833_1172527239434214_6061819264014469308_o




On our return,  you’ll traverse another hanging bridge which is perfect for photo ops.



And then prior to the  snack area, you’ll see the  LIWASAN , a valley like area pond.




That’s it, I think we finished the trek for 4 hours and at the end they welcomed us with wet towels for refreshments and the delicious snack. Thank you!


We thought that after the breakfast we’re already near the exit but no. We are advised to do short hike again.  T_T but it’s ok. 🙂



We returned to the Visitor shed and return the backpacks and helmets. You’ll long for a cold bath right after but sadly they don’t provide it there. So our group decided to go to Daranak Falls to have our lunch and shower before going to Manila.



Daranak falls  is just 30 mins away from Masungi and I highly suggest this if you don’t have any place/resort to clean up. For ₱50.00 entrance fee and ₱300.00 picnic shed its a pretty decent place.

We had our lunch there and just relax the entire afternoon

dsc_0641  dsc_0639
Although none of us swim because of the crowd we still enjoyed our stay there.  I did explore the area though so here’s the Daranak Falls.




For the shower, you need to pay ₱15.00 if you want  in a closed area but there are showers outside for free.

We went home around 3:00 PM then had our dinner in  Tamagoya Ramen House in Marikina.


p_20160626_171815        p_20160626_171857


As a whole, this trip was amazing. Our day was jampacked but very worth it. I recommend everyone to visit Masungi if your looking for adventure and nature trippin 3 hours away from Manila. Side trip to Daranak is optional. You can go to any resort or visit it if you’ve never been here before just like us.


Credits to James, Von, Jude for some shots. Thank you. 🙂



Masungi Georeserve ₱1400.00

Sacramento  Valley Resort – ₱300.00

Daranak falls ( Entrance + Cottage + food contribution) –₱100.00

Dinner( Ramen) –₱ 200.00

TOTAL : ₱2000.00 


Feel free to comment and share. Thanks!










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