Masungi Georeserve and Mt. Maynoba (8 Waterfalls) Adventure

“The heavens declare the glory of God, the skies proclaim the work of his hand: Psalm 19:1”



First travel of 2018 is a revisit to one of my favorite adventure, the Masungi Georeserve in Tanay Rizal. Organized by Tch. Avi, I joined their group together with Eonni and tagging along my friend Rhea.

Since my last visit here in 2016, I’ve been hearing changes in the area such as new trail spots that’s why I was very eager to visit it again. Also, in our itinerary, we will be exploring another mountain which is Mt. Maynoba. The plan is to finish the trail in Masungi before lunch and travel to Mt. Maynoba jump off point in Brgy Cayabu. LET’S DO THIS! 🙂



Masungi Georeserve

For the instruction on How to Reserve, What to Wear, How to Go and other TIPS you may check my previous blog here: Masungi Georeserve with Side Trip to Daranak Falls

February 24 2018, we booked a 7:00 AM slot for our trail hike. We completed the maximum 14 pax per group ( minimum 7 to reserve a slot) . From McDonalds, Marcos highway we travel to Masungi for an hour ride.

McDo, Marcos highway to Masungi Georeserve

TIP#1: It is still advisable to bring your own car as your mode of transportation for there is no PUV going there.

TIP#2: Unlike before, the registration point to Masungi is in front of the Garden Cottage, this time you’ll now proceed to the jumpoff point/main gate. The one with 21 KM sign.



Here is where the orientation held. They will give you a brief background of the area and some guidelines. Here you choose your helmets and settle your pending accounts. You can go the restrooms as well prior hike.



TIP#3: Currently it is more expensive, the entrance fee increased from ₱1400 to ₱1800 ( Weekend rate) if you want a cheaper option, you can try a weekday hike and that is ₱1500. Finally, if you want to have a buffet lunch right after the hike and that would cost you ₱2400.



TIP#4: Before, they provide bottled waters for each person but now you need to bring your own jar for they have a new a refilling station. If you wish to wear gloves, you can also buy from them for ₱25. Lastly, they will still lend you string bags if you need.


Hiking starts now! 🙂



Owww the Familiar 1st obstacle! 🙂



The famous spot in the trail is the Sapot. Offering an amazing view and a good place for you FB-worthy pictures, The limestone below still looks scary though, so be careful. Jumpshots are not allowed here!

IMPROVEMENT#1 The Spider on the side, it’s new.



This ring was used for “Kaingin” before. Looking through as well, you can see the Rock which is the inspiration of the Masungi Logo.

IMPROVEMENT#2. Along the trail, there are more duyan and resting spots in place. Good job!





This is my favorite trio in the trail. However I had mixed emotions on the obstacle course going to the Duyan.





IMPROVEMENT#3: Before, the Ring obstacle doesn’t exist, only flat ropes going down thus it’s less exciting now.Though I appreciate it because according to our park ranger, many, especially older visitors, requested to put a safer option going down.

Ring obstacle, this is new.




Well, good thing, Kuya still allowed some of us to go down on the narrow side without the ring. 🙂

Thrilling isn’t?


View on the obstacle course

Now, the famous Duyan. 🙂



The cave formation that offers a very cool ambiance inside. Here, you need to observe silence.

IMPROVEMENT#4 There are already lamps inside. Its easier now to take pictures. 🙂


Next stop was the 2 highest peaks, the TATAY and NANAY.


The highest peak is Tatay and here you can experience a more captivating view of the georeserve.






TIP#5 It’s really important to wear your helmets need to dock, and squeeze in to the rocks. The gloves for some are helpful too when touch sharp rocks.

Inarts 😛





The 2nd highest peak wherein limestone rocks are connected by bridges.





IMPROVEMENT#5 The new obstacle BAYAWAK.

Because it was my second time, I thought I’ll be bored. Good thing I experienced something new in this trip. I enjoyed going down the BAYAWAK, It was long and challenging. True to its name, it really looks like a Bayawak ( Giant Lizard).



There are also more new duyan around where you can relax after few hours of hiking.



Before going back, free snacks and juice are served in the lunch area. You will be refreshed too for they provide iced towels. 🙂



IMPROVEMENT#6 Another new course, SAWA

Another picturesque spot. You will pass through the SAWA going back to the starting point.


We finished around 1:00 PM so we rushed off to our next location, Mt Maynoba.



Mt. Maynoba ( 8 Waterfalls)

Famous for the Scenic View of Sierra Madre and the 8 Waterfalls.

Masungi to Mt. Maynoba


We hiked very slow in Masungi, thus we were delayed in our next trip. We had our lunch while in transit for we need to travel an hour going to Brgy Cayabu, the jumpoff point for Mt Maynoba.


Mt. Maynoba Jump off point in Brgy Cayabu.

Also, since we’re late we’ll no longer able to reach the peak because it will be getting dark upon return. We decided just to reach the 8 waterfalls on our way to the top.


TIP#6 It is better to have this as a whole day hike starting around 4:00 AM to view the sunrise with sea of clouds.

TIP#7 This is way cheaper compared to Masungi, We only pay 280 pesos for the Entrance , parking, ranger and other fees.


Hyped by our Masungi experience, we start off our trekking right away upon arrival.

TIP#8 The trail is harder than Masungi! haha! Though it is considered as a minor hike ( Difficulty of 3-4) its like 10 for me. 🙂


Wanting to reach the waterfalls ASAP and return before it gets dark we were on a faster pace. Thankfully, Rhea carried some of my things. If she didn’t, my back won’t survive.

1st waterfalls

I wasn’t prepared on the difficultly of this trail, though I enjoyed it because I focused on the experience rather than taking pictures.


Along the way, there are streams you’ll encounter which is amazing. You just need to be careful on the slippery parts.


2nd Waterfalls

Time is our enemy here, since it’s already 3:00 PM we decided just to reach few waterfalls, take a dip for an hour and then go back. We stopped on the 3rd waterfalls where we met 2 of our friends. They went ahead of us because we were late.



We got back around 5:00 PM in the starting point. Before we end our trip and return to Manila, we had our dinner in Padis Point, Antipolo.

Overall I ENJOYED my first travel of the year. With Masungi Georeserve, since it’s getting more expensive, I would say I won’t go back anymore. Haha. But I still recommend it to new explorers for the experience. The hiking difficulty is very easy and you’ll be able to capture noteworthy pictures.

On the other hand, I would like to return to Mt. Maynoba to experience the full hike and the sea of clouds. Next time, I’ll be ready. 🙂





Masungi Entrance Fee- ₱1,800

Maynoba Registration/ Ranger Fee / Parking Fees – ₱280

TOTAL: ₱1080.00


You can check my other blog here for an alternative itinerary when you visit Rizal. : Masungi Georeserve with Side Trip to Daranak Falls

Thank you! Feel free to comment and share this post! 🙂

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