Pinoy Travel Guide: 8 Days Japan Itinerary: Day 1 – Arrival(Osaka)

4 hours before our flight to Japan, I’m already in NAIA and waiting for my friends to arrived. February 21 2015- 3:20 PM was our scheduled departure via Cebu Pacific.

The ticket we bought was worth 5900 Php (excluding the baggage allowance and travel insurance).  Based from our previous trips, we don’t usually get travel insurance since it is an additional fee but this time we did because when we bought the ticket, there are a lot of Aircraft disasters and it scared us.  Btw, last Piso fare, I saw a ticket to Japan for only 3,000 Php. 🙂


shoe shelfie while waiting.

Japan is 1 hour ahead of Philippine time (PHT) and surprisingly, we arrived early, 8:30 PM JST. Yey!

After exchanging our pocket money to Yen, we went out to buy travel tickets. A must have ticket to use when you are in Kansai Area, is the ICOCA Card. This card is highly utilized if your traveling around the JR West area.  Although we have ICOCA Card already, we still decided to buy bus ticket going to our apartment because upon research, the fastest and cheapest way there is via bus.


buying ICOCA


Icoca Card: 2000 Yen includes 500 Yen deposit


bus ticket

Our lodging is located in Namba, However the bus stopped at Jr Namba Station. This became a problem because according to our host,his apartment was near the Namba station but if you check maps, Namba is quite big. We didn’t have our mobile WIFI yet  to use for research because it is in the apartment. We tried to call our host but we can’t contact him. Good thing  some Japanese folks are really nice. They must have observed that we are lost thus they offered help. We showed them the address and they assisted us to get a taxi.

TAXI… Wahh! haha ok.. this freaked us out because last time we rode a taxi in Korea, the fare was really expensive. But we don’t have a choice, because it’s already past 9:00 PM.  Although they said that our location is just walking distance, its not ideal because we have our luggage with us.

Closely monitoring the taxi meter… we’re praying that we arrive fast to our destination.Luckily, we did after 10 mins thus it wasn’t too expensive. Whew!

No one among us, took a picture of our apartment before we mess it up  because we’re too excited to go out and explore the neighborhood, buy our dinner and have our first winter experience. 🙂

Anywhere you can see Vendo machines.


 We also found a grocery store 2 blocks away from our apartment


Famished, we decided to go back to our apartment. Here we thought that the sofa bed would be our only disappointment but no. The induction cooker was the worst. It took us an hour just to learn how to use it and cook our food 🙁





Despite few setbacks on our arrival, we still enjoyed our first dinner in Japan.

and the next few days were way cooler. 🙂



Travel tax: ₱1620

Terminal Fee: ₱550

Icoca Card- ¥2000 – ₱732

Bus Ticket: ¥1050 – ₱384

Taxi Fare: ¥321- ₱117

Grocery: ¥363- ₱132

Total: ₱3535.00 



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