Thank You Our Awesome Lord

MbF&G 2019 kickoff. With our new sister Sarah. 🙂

Thank You Abba Father

Our awesome and faithful Lord.

Who’s love is unfailing,

Who’s patience is unending.


Today, I can’t contain my joy

I’m in awe while listening about your wonders.

In the life of my sisters, you are always present

In their struggles, you gave them hope.

In their decisions, you gave them direction,

In their weakness you make them strong.

In their walk, you gave them light and;

In their failures, you offer your right hand.


We can never thank you enough Lord

We’re stubborn and undeserving children of yours

But here we are, offering our humble, and repentant soul

We surrender our life and pray that you be in control.


I commit to you our Dgroup Lord God.

May we bless your name and grow our intimacy with you.

May we give you glory in all our ways,

And may we never stop praising your greatness


We love you our Holy, Holy, Holy God

In Jesus name, Amen.

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