Pinoy Travel Guide: 8 Days Japan Itinerary: Day 4 – Nara and Kobe

For our third day, we visited Nara and Kobe.

Nara is known for historical temples and Nara Park where deers roam freely whereas Kobe is known for their sumptuous Kobe Steak.  Both places are far from each other but we managed to put them in just one day because you can visit their sites for few hours only.

First stop:  NARA


From Namba Station ride a train to Kintetsu Nara Line ( Towards Kintetsunara) then stop at Shinomiya Station. Walk for a 8- 10 minutes then you’ll reach Nara, Nara Prefecture. The travel time is around 1 hour.

TRIVIA: Did you know that Nara is the first capital of Japan? 

TIP: There is an information center in the station where you can get map (you should get one since Nara is quite big). They’re really nice and they assisted us on what directions to take for us to visit majority of the temples for a half day tour only.

You have an option to tour by riding a bus or by walking. We chose the latter because we thought we can.


Welcome Welcome!


path towards Nara Park

Nara Park

Nara Park is a public park in the City of Nara. The size of the park is  vast that it surrounds multiple temples and shrines such as the Todaiji Temple. One of the main attraction here are the deers that are everywhere which are also considered as national treasures. You can buy crackers from the vendo machines around if you want to feed them.  






Kofukuji Temple – (The five Storied Pagoda) – A buddist Temple and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



South Octagon Hall (Nan’endō)


Gango-ji Temple – Buddist Temple and one of the Seven Great Temple in Nara



We continued our walk to visit our last temple for the day.



Beatiful isn’t? but that was a loonggg walk!


Kasuga Taisha Temple  – Nara’s most celebrated Shrine and established in dedication to a deity responsible for the protection of the city. (source:








Hi there buddy!


There are more  grandeur temples but we didn’t visited them anymore because we’re already tired of walking.  We took bus and head off to the station. While in the bus we also saw Todaiji Temple.


For more travel guide in Nara check this site:


Last Destination for the day was KOBE, Hyogo Prefecture.



From Nara, ride train ( via Kintentsu Nara line/Hanshin Namba Line)  towards Amagasaki Station.  from Amagasaki, ride Hanshin Main Line  towards Sanyohimeji then stop at Sannomiya Station.  Walk then you’ll reach Kobe.  It would take 1 hr and 30 mins of travel.


Kobe beef is world famous for its flavor, taste and quality. Honestly, it’s not cheap and you can have it anywhere in Japan, but since Kobe is reachable,why not have the experience from where it started?

Our chosen restaurant is Steak Land. Based from our research, Steak land provides topnotch Kobe steak at the cheapest price.



Chef Starting to Cook

Hi! <3











Everything slowed down during dinner and I savored every bite. Very worth it! No need for a food review, just try it! 🙂


Before we head home, we tour around Kobe and here are some shots:




The long walk and sumptuous steak made us really sleepy going back to our apartment. Good enough because we need to sleep for our itinerary the next day. 



ICOCA Card Reload – ¥2000- ₱729.16

Kobe Beef – ¥4660-₱1698.95

Total: ¥6660 – ₱- 2428.11



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Yes you can. You just need to wear your most comfortable shoes you have. Also, Touring NARA is easier if you ride Bus but on foot its still okay.

Wow you could do nara-kobe in a day? Though i bet your feet are killing you afterwards. I think i need to run again to strengthen my walking power. Planning to be there last week of september.

Hi Angelina, Thanks for asking but sorry I’m not really sure if its ok. As far as I can remember the seats are allotted once you take a set meal and then they will prepare it in front of you. The restaurants is really popular and mostly filled with people. Please try it still, it would be a great experience for you both. Aside from the food, the experience is really worth it. She can still order and you can have her beef. =)

Hi I have a qns regarding Steakland. I am planning to eat there but my travel partner doesn’t take beef. Is it ok that she doesn’t dine, and maybe just order a drink while I eat?

Hi, Mhards! Are you friends with jomar? 🙂 Thanks checking this blog. To answer your question, Yes can visit NARA and KOBE in 1 day just make sure to leave early from your hotel because the transit time is quite long. For shiso, we checked and the cost is around 2k. This is one of the cheapest package we found. Alhtough the ski resort is quite small, it’s good enough for first timers.

Hello! Can you post or give me a summary of your itinerary for Nara and Kobe in one day? I’m planning to go to Japan on February 2017 (next year!!) and will also go to Nara. But I am hesitating if I can accommodate both place in one day. I also read your itinerary in Shiso. After reading your blog, I am thinking to change my plans on my itinerary and include the snowboarding in Shiso. It seems fun. Can you give me some details about the tour package you’ve got and its cost? Thank you!

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