Pinoy Travel Guide: 8 Days Japan Itinerary: Day 6 – Kyoto Day Tour

If you are in Kansai Region, you shouldn’t miss visiting Kyoto. Like Nara, Kyoto also served as Japan’s capital before Tokyo. Here lies traditional temples and historical shrines which are all priceless.

Around 9:30 AM, we are already in the train station since according to google map, It would take 1-2 hours of travel to Kyoto.  Kyoto is really big so we decided to head to the first site we wanted to see which is the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest.

HOW TO GO: (Osaka to Kyoto)

From Namba Station, ride train via Midosouji Line ( Towards Senrichuo) then stop at Yodoyabashi Station. Transfer to Keihan Main Line ( Towards Demachiyanagi) then stop at Sanjo Station.

Suprisingly, we rode an elegant train in Keihan line, Double Decker!

Our service.

Our service.

Sanjo Station is already in Kyoto, but since we are heading to Arashiyama we still need to transfer via bus or another train.

TIP# 1:   Since there are a lot of temples/shrines to visit in Kyoto, It is very convenient if you avail a One Day or 2 Day Pass.  There are a lot of cards available but we chose the Kyoto Sightseeing Tour Pass for 1 Day ( ¥1200) which can be use for all City buses and Kyoto Trains, unlimited for 1 Day.

***check transportation guide to Kyoto here.

***then to download Kyoto Bus Map: check link here.

From Sanjo Station, we rode bus no.11 then stopped at Arashiyama Tenyuriji-mae.


It was raining when we arrived at Arashiyama and almost noon so we decided to take lunch first.

While waiting for our food, some Japanese folks approached us if we wanted to try their latest “Sake”  and biscuits

Who are we to say no to free  goodies?




We gave good reviews to the products we tried. For the Sake, I preferred the first one because it is lighter compared to the others.

Few minutes after, our Chicken Karage meal was served.


Now full, we  head to see the Bamboo Forest.


Arashiyama Bamboo Forest is one of the most photographed sites in Kyoto but nothing beats the feeling when you’re actually strolling the bamboo path. 


You can also bike or try the rickshaw around the area.



Some tourists even wear traditional Kimonos. Complete experience. 🙂


Food trip: Cherry Blossom Donut. 


For our next Stop: Kinkakuji Temple.


We took  Bus No. 93 from  Arashiyama to Kinkakuji then stop at Nishinokyo Machi transfer to Bus No.205 then stop at Kinkakuji Michi. 


There is an entrance fee of ¥400.


KINKAKUJI TEMPLE ( Golden Pavillion) 

Kinkakuji Temple is a Zen Buddhist Temple also famous for the intricate Japanese Garden design. The Golden Pavilion is a 2 Storey and made with pure gold leaf. 




Our Next stop was supposed to be Kyoto Imperial Palace, however we didn’t arrived before its closing time. So we decided to go to  Fushimi Inari instead.


From the station near the Kyoto Imperial Palace, Imadegawa Station, we went back to Kyoto Station via train.  Then transfer to JR Nara Line towards Joyo  then stop at Inari Station. 


Fushimi Inari is a Shinto Shrine and famous for the thousands of vermilion Torri gates. (Source)


                        DSC_0614   DSC_0618




Last stop was our tour around Kyoto Station.


Kyoto Station is the second largest train station in Japan next to Nagoya Station. 



Is this a train station or an airport?

This time, we had  another free dinner c/o a friend staying in Japan. Thank you so much. 🙂

Cold Noodles for Winter. Wrong order since we didn’t understood the menu.  Haha! 


More shots: 

DSC_0655  DSC_0700   DSC_0710


From Kyoto Station, you’ll also get a great view of the Kyoto Tower. 


Kyoto Tower is an observation tower and stand on top of a 9- Story Building just opposite the Kyoto Station. 




We may not able to see all sites in Kyoto but it’s alright. Next time maybe? 🙂



Icoca Card Reload – ¥2000- ₱737.00

Kyoto 1 Day Pass – ¥1200 -₱442.26 

Cherry Blossom Donut – ¥200- ₱73.71

Lunch  – ¥780- ₱287.37

Entrance to Golden Pavillion  – ¥400- ₱147.42

Total: ¥4580- ₱1687.87



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Your welcome! 🙂 Yes we did. It’s very convenient to buy one especially you’ll ride/tranfer bus and train. Hope you’ll enjoy you’re tour. 🙂

HI Jen. This is the exact itinerary that I’m looking for, Arashimaya-Golden Pavillion-Fushimi. Thank you.

Just a question, did you buy the Kyoto Sightseeing Tour Pass for 1 Day at the Sanjo Station? Most of the articles that I have read they bought theirs at Kyoto Station.

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